MA Geography Capstone Research Projects

Department of Geography and Earth Sciences Masters of Arts in Geography Capstone Research Reports Since 2000.

Listed as Students Name, “Title” (Advisor)



Juan Geng, “Large-area, high-resolution monitoring of tropical deforestation through mitigating cloud effects” (Gang Chen)


Kevin Caldwell, “You Cycle to Work?! The Gradual Evolution of Bicycle Commuters in Charlotte, North Carolina.” (Robert Boyer)

Stacie Chabot, “Understanding Cannibalization through Relocations.” (Bill Graves)

Robert Gooljar, “Suitability Analysis for Locating Transit-Oriented Development in Charlotte, North Carolina.” (Isabelle Nilsson)

Amber Reitzel, “Importance of Cornerstone Plans in Systems of Plans.” (Robert Boyer)

Rhonda French, “Preference and Perception in Mecklenburg County: Building Better Greenways.” (Tyrel Moore)

Savannah Gibson, “The Ecophronimo Ian McHarg: A Tribute through the Lens of Ecological Practical Wisdom.” (Wei-Ning Xiang)

Elizabeth Major, “Exploring SNAPscapes: Making Sense of North Carolina’s Food Access Landscapes with Geodemographic Segmentation.” (Eric Delmelle)

Jamese Pinkston, “Youth Participatory Action Research on the West Boulevard Corridor.” (Janni Sorensen)



Jacob Schmidt, “Has the American Heartland Retained it’s Comparative Advantage in Producing National Basketball Association Players?” (Harry Campbell).

Jiyang Shi, “The Estimation of Global-Level Mangrove Biomass and Carbon: A High-Performance Computing Approach Combined with WEB GIS.” (Wenwu Tang).

Matthew Baber, “Urban Heat Island Effects on Anuran Breeding Activity in the Charlotte Metropolitan Region.” (Sara Gagne)

Michael Desjardins, “Modeling Compactness in Reserve Design with Backup Requirements.” (Eric Delmelle)

Brian Gerney, “The Path to Tech Cluster Development for Outlying, Small, High amenity Towns. A Case Study of Bend, OR, and St. George UT. (Bill Graves).

Meijuan Jia, “Spatiotemporal Sensitivity Analysis of an Agent-Based Model of Artificial Anasazi with Parallel Computing. (Wenwu Tang)

Miriam Martin, “ Modeling Spatial Attractiveness in North Carolina Wine Tourism.” (Eric Delmelle)



Griffen Angel, “Web Visualization of Urban Enviroments in 3D for Green Building Education.” (Jean-Claude Thill)

Kelly Brawn, “ Interpolating Geographic Data in Colombia using Cokriging” (Eric Delmelle)

Jack Goldberg, “Terminal Shopping: Place Displayed in United States Airport Concessions.” (Harrison Campbell)

Chenjun Ling, “A Typology of Neighborhood Socioeconomic Trajectories: A Self-Organizing Map and 3D K-Means Approach.” (Elizabeth Delmelle)

Morgan Hamer, “The Geography of Artists in Charlotte.” (Bill Graves)

Cache Owens, “Cultivating Community: The Role of Black Farmers in Community Life.” (Janni Sorensen)



Jennifer Bates, “The Influence of Road Characteristics on the Likelihood Of Barred Owl (STRIX VARIA) Vehicle Collisions in Charlotte, NC” (Sara Gagné).

Allen Davis, “Evaluating Postindustrial Urban Waterfront Redevelopment in Downtown Wilmington’s Northern Riverfront District” (Janni Sorensen).

Melissa Manak, “Inclusion of people with Disability in the Process of Planning in the Community. Target Population: Deaf and Hard of Hearing” (Tyrel Moore).

Derek Marsh, “An Evaluation of Travel Impedance Uncertainty Across Online Road Network Data Providers” (Eric Delmelle).

Tara Weller, “Mapping Neighborhood Susceptibility to Obesity in Charlotte, NC” (Tyrel Moore).

Kathryn Zager, “Individual and neighborhood influences on asthma quality of life in Charlotte, NC” (Eric Delmelle).



Claire Apaliski, “Location Analysis and Spatial Mismatch of Youth Programs in Mecklenburg County” (Tyrel Moore).

Andrew Bowen, “Bikesharing in Charlotte, North Carolina: Evaluating Ridership data and ride generation variables to examine existing station locations and model alternatives” (William Graves).

Evan Byers, “Store Location Supply and Demand: A Case Study of ABC Liquor Stores in North Carolina” (William Graves).

Thomas “Joe” Howarth, “Where it’s needed most: An Evaluation of Charlotte’s Neighborhood Matching Grants Program” (Janni Sorensen).

Tarik Kiley, “Adding Community Voices to the Quality of Life Study: A Case Study of One Charlotte Neighborhood” (Janni Sorensen).

Evan Landrum, “Pushing the Limits: Identifying Significant Variables Contributing to Sales Variance Among Family Dollar Stores in Urban, “High-Income Outlier” Trade Areas” (William Graves).

Kaleigh Lovatt, “Eating Sales: A Model to Predict the Cannibalization of Sales Between New and Existing Family Dollar Stores” (William Graves).

Dylan McKnight, “Learning Participatory Planning and Design: An Analysis of Community Design and its Influence on the Creation of a New Neighborhood Park” (Janni Sorensen).

Andy Mock, “Rapid Transit Park-and-Ride Facilities” (Jean-Claude Thill).

Kevin Raymer, “Identifying Significant Trade Area Variables of Gasoline Demand for Gasoline and Convenience Retailers in Mecklenburg County, NC” (William Graves).

Peter Sherman, “How Does City Size Affect the Relationship Between Bird Species Richness and Urbanization?” (Sara Gagné).

Doug Sherrard, “International Retail Location Analysis GeoStrategic Framework Methodology: Case Study of United States Home Improvement Retail in Mexico” (William Graves).

Zachary Szczepaniak, “Metropolitan Per Capita GDP Growth Factors in 2010” (Harrison Campbell).

Jazzie Tayouga, “Socioecological Factors that Promote the Adoption of Green Infrastructure” (Sara Gagné).

Keith Waters, “Metropolitan Competition Space for Migrants” (Deborah Strumsky).

Sean Young, “The Role of Culture in Economic Growth and Development in the New Economy: A Case Study of Cabarrus and Gaston Counties” (William Graves).



Min Chen, “iGLASS: An Open Source SDSS for Public School Location-Allocation” (Jean-Claude Thill).

Coline Dony, “Modeling Accessibility to Specialty Clinics (FL.) in GIS for Children with Birth Defects” (Eric Delmelle).

Meng Jia, “3D Visualization Approach for UrbanSim result Display Using Google Earth” (Jean-Claude Thill).

Autumn Clanton James, “Economic Change and Regional Overlap: Did Being Appalachian Influence County Level Economic Change During the Rust Belt- Sun Belt Transition?” (Tyrel Moore).

Rui Shen, “Innovation Exploratory Methods of Spatial Statistics for Flow Data” (Jean-Claude Thill).

Joshua Wexler, “Modeling the impact of weather indicators on the magnitude of disease occurrences.” (Eric Delmelle)

Hongmei Zhu, “Developing a web-based GIS toolkit for the monitoring of diseases.” (Eric Delmelle)



Aleksandra Borisenko, “Form- Based Zoning and Urban Family Housing: A Case Study for the Hal Marshall Site in First Ward, Charlotte, NC” (Tyrel Moore).

Tara Bengle, “The Efficacy of Community Gardens towards Sustainable Communities” (Janni Sorensen).

David Cook, “How does the Use of Light Rail Park-and-Ride in Charlotte Influence Vehicle Emissions and Vehicle Miles Traveled?” (Michael Duncan).

Alexander Hohl, “Go With the Flow: Hydrological Connectivity Influences the Dispersal of an Invasive Forrest Pathogen” (Ross Meentemeyer).

Jesse James, “The Evaluation of Historic Preservation Benefits and Risks: Measuring the Impact of Historic Designation on the Single Family Home Sales in Charlotte” (William Graves).

Carson Rankin, “Identification of the Causes of Sunbelt Retail Saturation” (William Graves).

Elizabeth Shockey, “Neighborhood Location, Poverty, and Differentiated Accessibility: In Intra-metropolitan Comparison in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina” (Heather Smith).

Scott Whittington, “GIS Modeling of Disparities in Access to Recreation Spaces and Parks” (Eric Delmelle).



Laura Coppola, “The Effect of Increasing Student Body Poverty on Impoverished Student Achievement on North Carolina Standardized Tests” (William Graves).

Tonya Farrow-Chestnut, “Socio-Economic Indicators, NPL/Superfund Sites and Cancer Mortality in North Carolina” (Deborah Strumsky).

Robert Stephen Ferrin, “Determinants of Light Rail Station Choice on Charlotte’s Lynx Blue Line” (Michael Duncan).

Barbara Flatt, “Impact of Store Renovations: A Case Study of Family Dollar Stores, Inc.” (William Graves).

Philip Holleran, “Connecting Cabarrus: A Sketch-Level Feasibility Analysis of Commuter Rail Service Between Kannapolis and Charlotte, North Carolina” (Michael Duncan).

Ian Leonard, “The Impact of Greenways on Single-Family Residential Property Sales Price in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina” (Tyrel Moore).

Jennifer Morell, “Examining Concentrated Poverty in Context” (Janni Sorensen).

Derek Edward Morrell, “Roll-Off in Charlotte: A Study on Demographic and Ballot Structure Effects on Voting Behavior” (Gerald Ingalls).

John Kevin Robinson, “Imagine Greenville County: A Collaborative Approach to Local Comprehensive Planning” (Tyrel Moore).

Ronald Schumann, III, “From Devastation to Destination: An Analysis of Post-Hurricane Tourism Recovery in the U.S. Southeast” (Walter Martin).

Walter Price Wagoner, II, “Planning for Historic Preservation, Sustainability & LEED: Considering Sustainability and LEED Standards in Salisbury, North Carolina’s Historic Preservation Planning” (Tyrel Moore).



John Chaffee, “Credit Card Service Introduction: A Case Study of Family Dollar Stores, Inc.” (William Graves).

Sarah Dwelle, “Comprehensive Planning and its Relationship to the Rezoning Process: York County, South Carolina” (Tyrel Moore).

Shuping Li “GIS-Based Interaction Allocation with Heuristic Optimization Methods” (Eric Delmelle).

Xuchu Meng, “Incorporating Linear Landscape Diversity into Greenway Alignment Planning” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

David J. Pettine, “The Town of Badin Vision Project: A Case Study in the Collaborative Planning Process” (Tyrel Moore)

Katie Reeves, “A Feasibility Analysis for Adopting a Complete Streets Program for the Town of Indian Trail, North Carolina” (Tyrel Moore).

Thomas Ricard, “Assessing the Influence of the Bicycle Compatibility On Bike Commuting in Charlotte, North Carolina” (Michael Duncan).

Laura Simmons, “Latino Assimilation in Contemporary American Gateways” (Heather Smith).

Xiaojia Wang, “Modeling the Perceived Migration Space between U.S. States” (Jean-Claude Thill).

Adam Wood, “High Poverty Store Locations: A Way to Enrich your Retail Store Portfolio?” (William Graves).

Sisi Yan, “The Impact of a Light Rail System (Existing Blue Line) on Single Family Property Values in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina from 1997 to 2008” (Eric Delmelle).



Justine Allpress, “The Impact of Image on Downtown Redevelopment in the Post-industrial Economy” (Heather Smith).

Susan Anderson, “Income Inequality and the Middle Class in North Carolina” (William Graves).

Josh Blackwell, “Blindspots in Critical Infrastructure Protection: Sources and Revelation” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Stephen Michael Blount, Regional Indicators and the “Creative Class” (Tyrel Moore).

Laura Brooks, “The Carolina Thread Trail: Implications for Regional Planning, Open Space and Heritage Preservation” (Tyrel Moore).

Dana M. Goins, “An Evaluative Framework of Potential Planning Tools in the Goose Creek River Basin of Mint Hill, North Carolina” (Tyrel Moore).

Emily Livingstone, “Contemporary Gentrification Processes in a Globalizing City: Super-Gentrification, New-Build Gentrification and Charlotte, North Carolina” (Heather Smith).

Christopher Paynter, “A GIS-Based Land Use Suitability Assessment for a Municipal Solid Waste Facility on Yap, Federated States of Micronesia” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Dawn Sheppard, “Sustainable Agriculture and Food System Planning” (Harrison Campbell).

Shikai Tang, “A Decision Support System for Bus Travel Planning” (Jean-Claude Thill).

Ginette M. Wessel, “Navigating the Urban Environment: Evaluating Geospatial and Semantic Recall Using GPS and Road Maps” (Tyrel Moore).



Catherine Cervantes, “The De-Mallification of America: New Site Designs for an Old Mall” (Ken Chilton).

Andrew Goodall, “The Transition of US Manufacturing from Blast Furnaces to Flexible Manufacturing Cells: An Examination of Metropolitan Manufacturing Productivity from 1963-2002” (William Graves).

Luke Fawcett, “Discovering Spersopolis: A Cartographic Feature Extraction Technique” (William Graves).

Greg Fields, “A Recommended State-of-the-Practice Travel Demand Modeling Framework for Small MPOS” (David Hartgen).

Robert Huizar, “Window Repair: GIS and Quantitative Analysis for Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design in a University Setting” (Jiyeong Lee).

Jonathan Kozar, “Urban Regional Employment Change in Eight Urban Regions from 1998 to 2003: A Shift-Share Approach” (William Graves).

Chad Lloyd, “Hedonic Land Price Modeling: A Spatial Regression Approach to Real Estate Site Selection in Western North Carolina” (William Graves).

Jason Mann, “Assessing Sustainable Development” (Ken Chilton).

Pamela Notar “The Relationship between Crime and Gentrification in the Wilmore Neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina” (Heather Smith).

Christopher Patriarca, “Citizen Participation and Political Will in the Planning Process: A Case Study Evaluating the Comprehensive Planning Exercise Undertaken Within Rowan County, North Carolina Between 2004 and 2005” (Ken Chilton).

Russell Slade, “Greenways and Sustainability: Life-Cycle Costing at UNC Charlotte” (Ken Chilton).

Dervin Spell, “Inclusionary Zoning in North Carolina: A Comparative Analysis” (Ken Chilton).

Benita Parker Staples, “Planning for Walkability: Supporting the Vision Using GIS” (Tyrel Moore).

Theresa Troutner, “Creating a Consumer-Centric Merchandising Plan for Family Dollar Stores through Store Clustering” (William Graves).



Alexis Baker, “Los Sin Rostro: The Zapatista Borderless Revolution” (Heather Smith).

Steven M. Castongia, “A Demand-Based Resource Allocation Method for Electrical Substation Service Area Delineation” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Preston S. Cleaton, III, “Measuring Need: Developing a Hardship Index in Rowan County, North Carolina” (Harrison Campbell).

Thomas J. Gerney, “Family Dollar Stores: Assessing the Cooler Program” (Ron Kalafsky).

Stuart Hair, “Is Charlotte a ‘Bank Town’? Quantitative Analysis of Regional Data with Consideration of Occupational Specialization” (William Graves).

Travis N. Haney, “Consumer Behavior and Store Clustering in a Superregional Shopping Mall” (William Graves).

R. Todd McAulliffe, “Indirect and Cumulative Impacts of Transportation Projects in North Carolina Including a Case Study” (Tyrel Moore).

Ken McWilliams, “Geographic Concentration in North Carolina’s Manufacturing Industries” (William Graves).

Keri Schaber Shearer, “The Characteristics of Riparian Buffer Studies” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Kara C. Tiller, “Identifying Socially Vulnerable Census Tracts to Inform Transportation Planning for Evacuations” (Tyrel Moore).

Amy Weeks, “A Delphi-Case Design Method for Model Validation in Critical Infrastructure Protection Modeling and Simulation” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Chris Woodey, “Measuring Returns from Investments in Human Capital: A Case Study of Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte, North Carolina” (William Graves).

Jocelyn Young, “Regional Perspectives in North Carolina Concerning Digital Geographic Data and Privacy Issues” (Wei-Ning Xiang).



Ashley Askew, “An Examination of the Impacts of Hope VI Funding. Case Study: First Ward, Charlotte, North Carolina” (Tyrel Moore).

Charlynn Burd, “Small Towns: A New Theater for Gentrification” (Tyrel Moore).

Daniel Curley, “The Principles of New Urbanism: Evaluating Current Projects in the Charlotte, North Carolina, Metropolitan Area” (Tyrel Moore).

Kirk Ericson, “Rural Planning and Farmland Preservation: A Case Study for Rowan County” (Ken Chilton).

Lori Hafeman, “The Effect of Store Characteristics on the Sales Performance of Family Dollar Stores” (Dennis Lord).

Robert McNally, “An Ontology-Driven GIS Approach to Scenario-Based Critical Infrastructure Protection Planning” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Jason Jurjevich, “Beyond Mountains and the Coast: A Regional Analysis of Natural Amenities as a Determinant of Population Change in the Upper Midwest” (William Graves).

Eric Parker, “The Determinants of German Foreign Direct Investment in the Charlotte Region” (William Graves).

Dustin Stancil, “Prioritization of market areas for the Implementation of the EBT System in Family Dollar Stores” (Dennis Lord).

Craig A. Thomas, “Managing Growth with Transit-Supportive Principles in Matthews, North Carolina” (Tyrel Moore).

Bryan Townsend, “A Life-Cycle Approach to Public Works Information System Development” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Christian Wannamaker, “North Carolina’s New Economic Development Tool: Tax Increment Financing – A Center City Charlotte Case Study” (Owen Furuseth).

John Wear, III, “Open Space Planning: A Review of Tools and Case Studies of the Grant’s Creek and Denson’s Creek Projects” (Tyrel Moore).

Lorie Williams, “Are Charlotte’s Inner City Areas Underserved Retail Markets? Analysis of Accessibility to Retail Shopping Opportunity” (Dennis Lord).



Dallas Bishop, “Multiple Regression Analysis to Determine Factors Influencing Tourism Driven Economic Development: A Case Study of Michigan Counties Between 1982 and 1997” (William Graves).

Stacey Brown, “Geographic Variation in Consumer Accessibility to Chain Supermarkets in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina” (Dennis Lord).

Erin Stephens Burris, “The Town of Cornelius Historic Survey: Historic Preservation in a Centennial Town” (Tyrel Moore).

John Chambers, “The Economic Impact of Biological Agent Release in a Multi-State, Multi-Hazard Context: Development of a framework for Analyzing the Economic Impact of a Biological Disaster and its Applications to Operation Summer Breeze in Charlotte, North Carolina” (Edd Hauser).

Maggie Collister, “Cherryville’s New Hope” (Owen Furuseth).

George Daniels, “The Impact of Interstate Interchanges on Residential Location Choice in Cabarrus County, North Carolina” (Gerald Ingalls).

Fran Todoro Hargreaves, “An Examination of Affordable Housing in Ann Arbor, Michigan” (Tyrel Moore).

Penelope Karagounis, Ellis Island Detour: A Case Study of Hispanic Immigrants in Charlotte, North Carolina” (Heather Smith).

Elizabeth Presutti, “Walk Distances to Access Bus Rapid Transit” (Owen Furuseth).

Scott Rice, “A Collaborative Planning ArcIMSâ web site for US-54 Kansas” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Kyle Thieman, “The Use of Scenarios and Geographic Information Systems and Technology (GIS & T) in Counter-Terrorism Exercises and Planning” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Scott Whitlock, “We Other Christians: Gays and Lesbians in the Episcopal Church” (Heather Smith).



Kristen Ausanka, “The Establishment and Application of GIS in an Island Environment – the Identification and Treatment of Imperata cylindrical in Yap, Federated States of Micronesia” (Owen Furuseth).

Angela Crawford Cunningham, “E-Government: A Plan to Assist Community Economic Development in Gaston County” (Tyrel Moore).

John Crouse, “Assessing the Impact of Fred’s Stores on the Sales Performance of Family Dollar Stores” (Dennis Lord).

Berry Farrington, “Gentrification and the Commercial Landscape: Reaching Beyond the Residential” (Heather Smith).

Rob Koch, “Intrametropolitan Corporate Office Location Decisions: Assessing the Importance of Access to Clients and Support Services” (Harrison Campbell).

John Marshall, “Effects of Neo-traditional Development Design on Trip Generation in the Charlotte Region” (Edd Hauser).

Kim Wallis, “Where is New GIS Technology Taking Local Government? Cabarrus County GIS as Innovators in GIS” (Owen Furuseth).

Jacob Zonn, “Smart Growth – Communicated Through GIS Analysis (Charlotte, NC – A Case Study)” (Tyrel Moore).



Brent Baur, “Improving Housing Quality and Decreasing Crime in Lakewood Neighborhood, Charlotte, North Carolina” (Tyrel Moore).

Tim Brown, “Planning for a Transit-Oriented Future: The Town of Cornelius Land Development Code and Planning Initiatives” (David Walters).

Ronald Bruzzese, “Annexation in the City of Gastonia” (Tyrel Moore).

Ashley Conine, “A GIS-Based Model for Planning Multi-Purpose Greenways in Concord, North Carolina” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Jerod Dinkin, “Retailing in the Largest U.S. Airports” (Dennis Lord).

John Gargiulo,Fortune 500 Headquarter Relocation 1995-2002: An Empirical Analysis” (Harrison Campbell).

Barbara John, “The School Choice Geography of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools” (Gerald Ingalls)

Jeff Nickel, “Patterns and Correlates of Retail Change in North Carolina Counties, 1977-1997” (Dennis Lord).

Lori Quinn, “Redeveloping Underutilized or Vacant Commercial Structures: Determining the Optimal Land Use for Changing Markets” (Harrison Campbell).

Jonathan Robinson, “Planning and Design for Persons with Disabilities: Examining Influences, Impacts and Innovations in Housing” (Tyrel Moore).

Patsy Stadelman, “An Empirical Examination of the Impact of Historic Preservation on the Concentration of Small Business” (Dennis Lord).

Kyle Stewart, “The Impact of Wal-Mart Supercenters on SUPERVALU Grocery Stores” (Dennis Lord).

Severn Stovall, “Education: Mecklenburg County’s Assembly Line – A Case Study on the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System End of Grade Standardized Test for the 2000-2001 School Year” (Gerald Ingalls).

Ben Thornton, “The Border Tax” Effect and Retail Shopping Patterns” (William Graves).

Scott Weston, “Understanding Family Dollar Stores Soft Line Sales” (William Graves).

Kevin White, “The Effects of Architectural Design on Occupancy Rates for Neighborhood Shopping Centers in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina” (Harrison Campbell).



Jamie Arnold, “An Empirical Assessment of Meteorological Factors Associated with Lightning Episodes in the Carolina Piedmont” (Walter Martin).

Ben Baldwin, “Examining the Suitability of an Electronic GIS-Based Version of the North Carolina Atlas: A Research to Support the North Carolina Social Studies Curriculum for the 4th and 8th Grades” (Al Stuart).

David Baysden, “A GIS-Based Quality Index Assessment of the Affordable Housing Stock in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Stephen Costenoble, “Variation in Shopping Center Space Provision Across U.S. Metropolitan Areas” (Dennis Lord).

Rob Farrell, “The Determinants of Hispanic Residential Patterns in North Carolina” (Dennis Lord).

Joe Foley, “Impact of Elderly Residents on Metro Big K Store Performance” (Dennis Lord).

Charles Grier, “A Survey and Analysis of Open Space Indicators for the Central Carolinas Region” (Tyrel Moore).

Casey Hartl, “Assessing the Effects of Changing Land Use on Property Values” (Harrison Campbell).

Ben Haskamp, “Data Inventory and Geo-Coding Feasibility Assessment” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Tim Lawrence, “An Analysis of Trade Areas, Distance Decay and Market Penetration for Family Dollar Stores Using Customer Spotting” (Dennis Lord).

Rebecca Moose, “Planning for Industrial Land Use in Mecklenburg County” (Tyrel Moore).

Mark Rinehart “eYardage: Design and Development of a GIS Based Golf Product” (Owen Furuseth).

Mary Sandkam, “Design Guidelines for the Highway 49 Overlay District in Harrisburg, NC.” (Tyrel Moore)

A. Alexandria Serio, “University City Land Use and Development: Historical and Developmental Implications on Current Land Use” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Michael Spriggs, “Kmart Sales Forecasting for Nonmetro Urbanized Counties” (Dennis Lord).

Jason Wager, “Neighborhood Change in a Small Southern City: A Case Study of Monroe, North Carolina” (Owen Furuseth).

Eric Walker, “The Impact of Walmart Supercenters on Home Builders Store Sales” (Dennis Lord).

Joseph Young, “The Effects of Public Policy on Adaptive Reuse Real Estate Development” (Harrison Campbell).



Aldea Douglas, “Neighborhood Revitalization Strategies for the Elizabeth Neighborhood in Monroe, NC” (Owen Furuseth).

Kara Elmquist, “Development of Shopping Center Ranking Models for Gap and Gapkids Stores” (Dennis Lord).

Nick Lindeman, “The Short Term Impact of Transportation Improvements on Retail Change in Metropolitan Areas” (David Hartgen).

Sonoko Otsuki, “The Location Decisions of Japanese Firms in the Charlotte Region” (Harrison Campbell).

Ken Richardson, “Land Banking for Parks and Greenways: A Process Defining Parcel Suitability Using GIS” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

Douglas Ruppel, “Multi-Jurisdictional GIS Implementation Plan Methodology” (Tyrel Moore).

Frank Salmon, “Button Design for Weighted Map Overlays in a Planning Support System” (Wei-Ning Xiang).

David Spawn, “Development of a Spatial Decision Support System for Shopping Center Acquisition” (Harrison Campbell).