MS Earth Sciences Capstone Research Projects or Theses

Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, Master of Science in Earth Sciences Capstone Research Projects or Thesis Since 2003.

Listed as Students Name, “Title” (Advisor)

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Rebecca Black, “The relationship between hydrologic and macroinvertebrate metrics along an urbanization gradient in piedmont headwater streams.” (Sandra Clinton)


Payal Mehta Bordia, Hydrology and hydrological transport in a suburbanizing Piedmont watershed” (Craig Allan)

Cody Starnes, “Evaluating the role of rain garden soils in nutrient processing of stormwater runoff in Charlotte, NC” (Sandra Clinton)

Ella Wickliff, “Pre-restoration baseflow dissolved nutrient dynamics in an urban forested headwater system, Charlotte, NC” (Sandra Clinton)


Bryan Farley, “Investigation of C02 and CH4 Emissions from Tidal Freshwater and Non-Tidal Bottomland Forest Riparian Zones.” (Craig Allan)

Derick Haydin, “Vertical Hydraulic Gradients and Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction under a Pre-Restoration Piedmont Urban Stream, Charlotte, N.C.” (David Vinson)

Danielle Merritt, “The Role of Urban Green Roofs as Invertebrate Habitat.” (Sara Gagne)

Jacey Vail, “Naturally-Occurring Chromium and Vanadium in Charlotte Terrane Rocks: A Source of Trace Elements to Groundwater?” (David Vinson)

Alan McCreary, “Anatomy of Select Deposits in the Mauch Chunk Group, Southern West Virginia, USA.” (John Diemer)

Megan Sirbaugh, “Spatiotemporal Prediction Modeling of Dengue Fever in Colombia, South America Based on Temperature and Precipitation.” (Matt Eastin)

Ben Weiserbs, “The Morphology and History of Exfoliation on Rock Domes in the Southeastern United States” (Missy Eppes)

Susan Dyer, “Ground Penetrating Radar Investigation of Subsurface Cavity Potential in the Russell Mine, Uwharrie National Forest, Montgomery County, North Carolina. (Andy Bobyarchick)

Matthew Gropp, “Assessing the Impact of the Nocturnal Transition on the Lifetime and Evolution of Supercell Thunderstorms in the Great Plains.” (Casey Davenport)

Kathleen Magee., “An Observational Study on Quantifying the Distance of Supercell-Boundary Interaction in the Great Plains.” (Casey Davenport)

Faye Moser, “Spatial and Temporal Variance in Rock Dome Exfoliation and Weathering near Twain Harte, California, USA. (Missy Eppes)



Adrienne Boucher, “The Effects of the Urban Heat Island and Local Habitat Quality on Anurans in Remnant and Storm Water Control Ponds.” (Sara Gagné)

Ryan Hubler, “Initiation and Enhancement of Local Precipitating and Convection by the Charlotte Urban Heat Island.” (Matt Eastin)

Alexandra Shoffner, “The Relative Impacts of Habitat Amount, Habitat Configuration, and Urbanization on Forest Breeding Birds.” (Sara Gagné)



Lopita Dash, “Temperature, Strain and Acoustic Emission Monitoring of a Natural Boulder Exposed to the Sun.” (Missy Eppes)

Joel Haridson, “This is a Graveyard? Geoarchaelogical Investigation of a Potential Burial Ground 31JN93/94, Croatan National Forests, North Carolina.” (Andy Bobyarchick)

Stephen Rachide, “ The Characterization of the Affects of a Beaver Pond On Sedimentation, Carbon Storage, and the Geomorphology of an Affected Stream Located in the Piedmont of North Carolina.” (John Diemer)

Aiken Small, “Response of Foraminifera to a Concentrated Brine Solution Discharged from a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant in Currituck County, N.C.” (Scott Hippensteel)

Sofia DiBari, “Evaluating Foraminifera as a Tool for Recreating Historical Landscapes and Verifying Cartographic Accuracy at Fort Fisher, North Carolina.” (Scott Hippensteel)

Sara Henderson, “ Recovery of Macroinvertebrate Communities following Flood Disturbance in Urban Restored Streams in Mecklenburg County North Carolina.” (Sandra Clinton)

Heath Corder, “The Relationships between Meteorological Features and Wind Turbine Icing Events.” (Manda Adams)

Brandt Kayser, “ Drivers of Post-Glacial Alluvial Fan Aggradation and Incision, Conejos River Valley, Colorado.” (Missy Eppes)

Brandy Stimac, “Structure and Evolution of Convective Cells in the Near-Shore Outer Rainbands of Hurricane Rita (2005).” (Matt Eastin)

Erin Turner, “Stream Restoration and Floodplain Connectivity Influences Soil Characteristics in Urban Floodplains of the North Carolina, Piedmont.” (Sandra Clinton)

Thomas Winesett, “Cloud-to-Ground Lightening Estimates Derived from DMSP SSM/I and NLDN.” (Brian Magi)



Kimberly Aquino, “Continuing a Chronosequence on the Catawba River: Insights into America’s ‘Fifth Most Endangered River.’” (Missy Eppes)

John Barland, “Changes to Effective Discharge for Material Transport in a Southeastern Piedmont Suburbanizing Watershed.” (Craig Allan)

Alisa Kotash, “Petrography and Geochemistry of High-Silica East Pacific Rise Glasses: Implications for Melt Production and Transport from 8o37’N to 15o50’N. (John Bender)

Molly Welsh, “Quantification of In-Stream and Riparian Denitrification Potential and Environmental Drivers of Denitrification Following Agricultural Stream Restoration in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina.” (Sara McMillan)

Daniel Gilbert, “Response of the Great Plains Nocturnal Low-Level Jet (NLLJ) to Wind Energy as Simulated in WRF.” (Matthew Eastin)

Aaron Kwahmie, “Origin of Killian’s Cove on the Catawba River near Charlotte, North Carolina.” (John Diemer and Andy Bobyarchick)

Doreen Davis, “Spatially Complex Edge Effects Differ in Forest Patches Surrounded by Varying Development Intensities.” (Sara Gagné)

Rebecca Deal, “Temporal and Spatial Variability of Post-Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) Climate Records Derived from BOG Cores, Southern San Juan Mountains, Colorado.” (Missy Eppes)

Erin Looper, “Influence of Stormwater Management Structures on Dentrification Activity in Urban Streams during Baseflow and Stormflow In Charlotte, North Carolina.” (Sara McMillan)

Adam Picard, “Analysis of Miniature Supercells Observed in the Outer Rainbands of Hurricane Gustav (2008).” (Matthew Eastin)

Cameron Self, “The Climatology of Tornadic and Non-Tornadic Cell Motions in Tropical Cyclones.” (Matthew Eastin)



Rufus McLean, “The Lilesville Gravels: Sedimentology and Depositional Environments of a Tertiary Braided Stream Terrace Deposit of the Piedmont of North Carolina” (John Diemer)

Brock Freyer, “Fluvial Response to River Management and Sediment Supply: Pool 6 of the Upper Mississippi River System, Southeastern Minnesota” (John Diemer)

Seth Brazell, “Sedimentology and Depositional Environments of the Wadesboro Sub-Basin, Eastern Piedmont, North Carolina” (John Diemer)

Megan Gray, “Effect of a Permeable Pavement Parking Lot in Runoff from the Irwin Creek Watershed in Charlotte, North Carolina” (Craig Allan)

Neil Hulland, “Natural Gas Extraction through Hydraulic Fracturing in North Carolina: Establishment of a Rapid Feasibility Study for North Carolina” (John Bender)



Brett Garon Odom, “Analysis of Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves and Rainfall Patterns for the Charlotte Region” (Matthew Eastin)

Joshua Micah Wexler, “Effects of the Variation of Regional Weather on the Spread of Dengue Fever: Cali, Colombia.” (Eric Delmelle)

Brandon Blue, “Seasonal Urban Stream Temperature Response to Storm Events within the Piedmont of North Carolina” (Anne Jefferson)

Eliot Tardiff, “Analysis of Fine-Scale Numerical Weather Prediction for NASCAR track Environments” (Manda Adams)

Leif Errol Hazlewood, “Petrogenesis of the Concord Syenite: Product of Extreme Fractional Crystallization of a Gabbroic Melt or Partial Melting of a Gabbro” (John Bender)

David Hlorgbe, “The Factors Contributing to Mine-Processing Grade Discrepancy in a Porphyry Copper Operation” (Andy Bobyarchick)



Philip Robert Edwards, “Development of a Substrate for the Propagation of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation” (Craig Allan)

Michelle Flowers, “Geochemical and Geological Characterization of NC Stoneware Pottery Clays” (Missy Eppes)

Brian M. Hays, “The Near-Shore Environmental Differences of Tornadic and Non- Tornadic Tropical Cyclones” (Matthew Eastin)

Hunter McDermitt, “A Comparison of the Structural Sequences between the Blowing Rock Gneiss and Late Proterozoic Mafic Intrusions in the Grandfather Mountain Window” (Andy Bobyarchick)

Maher Haddad, “Precipitation Volume Climatology near the Storm Rotation Centers of North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone at Landfall” (Walter Martin)

Emily Henke, “Reconstructing the History of Sedimentation in a Reservoir Using Bathymetric Maps, Coring, and Ground Penetrating Radar; Brown’s Cove, Lake Wylie, North Carolina” (John Diemer)

Michael Chris Link, “Climatology and Radar Analysis of Tornadoes in Tropical Cyclones” (Matthew Eastin)

Ralph McGee, “Hydrogeomorphic Processes Influencing Ephemeral Streams in Forested Watersheds of the Southeastern Piedmont U.S.A.” (Anne Jefferson)

Cameron David Moore, “Surface/Groundwater Interactions and Sediment Characteristics of Headwater Streams in the Piedmont of North Carolina” (Anne Jefferson)



Stanton Lanham, “Correction of 48-hour Temperature Prediction using Fourier Decomposition” (Walter Martin)

Kelly Smith, “Dual-Doppler Radar Observations of Vortical Hot Towers During rapid Intensification of Hurricane Guillermo (1997)” (Matthew Eastin)

Mary Cauthen, “Correlation of Deciduous Tree Anthocyanin Production with Soil Landscape Characteristics” (Missy Eppes)

Adam LaGrow, “Examination of the First Flush Phenomenon and Pollutant Loading Associated with Highway Runoff” (Craig Allan)

William Dalen Rice, “The Effects of 19th Century Mill Dams on Piedmont Streams in and around Charlotte, North Carolina” (Missy Eppes)

Patricia Dale Beam Simon, “Evaluating Road Culvert Installations for Upstream Instability” (Craig Allan)

Eric Wenke, “Probabilistic Frost Forecasting in the Midwest and Southeast U.S.: What are the Odds?” (Walter Martin)

Thomas J. Barto, “Sources of Nutrients and Sediment in a Rapidly Urbanizing Watershed.” (Craig Allan)

Shelley Holmberg, “Assessing the Impact of Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) Data In Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model Forecasts Assimilated with the Ensemble Kalman Filter” (Brian Etherton)

Anthony Layzell, “Soils and Geomorphology of the Central Conejos River Valley Colorado: Fluvial Response to Post Glacial Maximum Climate Change and Sediment Supply” (Missy Eppes)



Emily Holland, “Effects of Sudden Oak Earth Tree Mortality on Habitat Suitability for the California Spotted Owl: a multi-scale analysis” (Ross Meentemeyer)

Christopher Werner, “Investigation of the Source of High Radon Levels in Cleveland County, North Carolina” (Andy Bobyarchick)

Ryan Matthew Bierma, “Evidence for Late Quaternary Faulting in the Reno River Valley, Northern Apennine Mountains, Italy” (Missy Eppes)

Randi Clapham Lisk, “Predictive Mapping of Landslide Risk: A Multivariable analysis of Geological, Vegetative, Metrological, and Human-Related Factors” (Ross Meentemeyer)



Chris Blanton, “Polygonal eyewalls in a cloud-resolving simulation of Hurricane Wilma” (Brian Etherton)

Tim Leonard, “Delineating Floodplains using Raster Tools in a Geographic Information Systems with a One-dimensional Hydraulic Model” (Craig Allan)

Amanda Waldron, “Factors affecting indoor radon concentrations in the vicinity of Moss Lake, North Carolina” (John Diemer)

Michael Scott Young, “A Groundwater Model of a Chlorinated Solvent Contaminated Site in Jacksonville, North Carolina“ (John Bender)



Burke Cathey, “Evaluation of Three Innovative and Proprietary Storm-water Best Management Practices to Improve Storm-water Quality” (Craig Allan)

Sarah May, “The Effects of Warm Core Stagnating Anticyclones on PM 2.5 Concentrations of Three Southeast Cities” (Walt Martin)

Greg Fields, “An Assessment of Surface-Level 8-Hr. Ozone Trends in Southeastern Cities, 1981-2004” (Walt Martin)

Donna Strahan, “Re-analysis of the 1938 New England Hurricane” (Brian Etherton)

Ian Eckardt, “Wireline log-defined sequence stratigraphy in the evaporitic shelf facies of the Middle Permian (Guadalupian Series) Artesia Group, Northwestern Shelf, southeastern New Mexico” (John Diemer)



Courtney Withers, “Geochemical Assessment of the Distribution and Mobility of Arsenic in the Surface and Groundwater in Stanly County, North Carolina” (John Bender)



Heather Crutchfield, “Improving Land Acquisition and Land Management: Decision-Making for the Catawba Lands Conservancy in Charlotte, North Carolina” (Andy Bobyarchick)

Kevin Higgins, “Using GIS Technology to Determine Percent Impervious Cover along a north Carolina Interstate Highway” (Craig Allan)



Pete Cormas, “Geological Overview of Damon Mound Salt Dome, Texas” (John Diemer)

Marty Frisbee, “Hill-slope Connectivity and Wetland Response of Two Small Zero-Order Boreal Catchments on the Precambrian Shield” (Craig Allan)

Rhett Baggett, “Hydrological and Sediment Transport Characterization in Developing Southeastern Piedmont Watersheds” (Craig Allan)

Scott E. Gregory, “The Effects of Urbanization on Stream Channel Morphology Over Time within the Campbell Creek Basin” (Craig Allan)

Dennis Smith, “A Performance Analysis of Water Quality Treatment Plants in the Yadkin River System, NC” (Craig Allan)

Bill Miller, “Development of a Restoration Ranking Protocol for Urban Streams in the City of Charlotte, North Carolina” (Owen Furuseth)



Mike Cromer, “Development of a GIS Storm Water Outfall Database for the City of Rye, New York” (Craig Allan)