Andrew Kormanek

Andrew Kormanek
Class of 2020, Geography
  1. Where are you currently working, and what is your job description there? I am an Account Manager at Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) where I help small electric, gas, telecommunications, and water companies find GIS solutions to assist with asset management, operations, safety and compliance, and performance. 
  2. What influenced your decision to major in Environmental Studies and Geography at UNC Charlotte? The analytics and technology that is powered by geographic data piqued my interest and influenced me to major in Geography.
  3. How did your experience at UNC Charlotte prepare you for your career? Through group projects and essays, I learned time management, problem-solving, and writing/communication skills that can be used in professional settings. 
  4. What skills or knowledge that you learned during your Environmental Studies & Geography degrees at UNC Charlotte do you use most frequently? In addition to GIS, I use analytical skills to identify trends, interpret data, and make professional decisions that best serve my customers.
  5. What academic and/or professional advice would you give to current students? “Be interested, not interesting.” If you can focus on being more interested and stop worrying about trying to come across as interesting, you will make great impressions and deep connections.