Environmental Studies Major: Bachelor of Arts

A Major in Environmental Studies leading to a B.A. degree consists of a minimum of 53 hours of required Earth Science (ESCI), Geology (GEOL), Geography (GEOG), and out-of-department courses, and 16 hours of elective coursework. Students are responsible for meeting the course prerequisites for all out-of-department coursework.

Earth Science Major: Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Teaching Option

Students preparing to teach high school earth science may become licensed by earning the B.A. degree including the Secondary Teaching Option. This program consists of a minimum of 38 hours in geography and earth science, including ESCI 1101, 1101L, 2101, 3105; GEOL 1200, 1200L, 1210, 1210L, 3115, 3190, 3190L; and GEOG 2103; 11 elective hours selected from earth science courses of which at least 4 hours are in courses numbered 3000 or above. Also required for this option are CHEM 1251, 1251L; PHYS 1101, 1101L; MATH 1241; Minor in Secondary Education; PHYS 1130, 1130L; and one additional physical of life science elective. Licensure applications are the responsibility of the student and the Office of Teacher Education, Advising, Licensure, and Recruitment in the College of Education.

*Please note that the name of the Bachelor of Arts degree is changing names starting Fall 2014, from B.A. in Earth Sciences to B.A. in Environmental Studies.

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