May 28, 2024 thru August 2, 2024

Week 1     Orientation; Data Workshop Part I

Week 5    Progress Presentations; Data Workshop Part II

Week 10  Undergraduate Research Symposium

Participants receive a $6,500 total stipend, housing, and paid travel at the start and end of the 10-week program.


We will begin to review applications at the priority deadline.  Applications submitted after the priority deadline will still be considered if an opening is available. Applications will be considered until all openings are filled.  When all openings are filled, the application page will be closed.

Required Materials

How to Apply

To apply for this REU Program, you will need to:

  1. On the NSF ETAP site, follow the instructions to “Create and Account”.
  2. Click on “Registration” (side menu). These are common application details that are used for applying to REMUS as well as other REU programs.
  3. Click on “Application Materials” to upload your application materials. 
  • Enter your personal statement directly
  • Upload your resume file
  • Upload your unofficial transcript(s) file.

4. Complete the application for the REMUS program:

  • Verify Basic Registration Details
  • Verify your personal statement
  • Select the resume file to use (the system allows you to upload multiple resumes for different opportunities)
  • Select the transcript files to use (the system allows you to upload multiple transcripts from different places)
  • There are a few additional questions that we ask as part of the REMUS application. Please also complete this section.
  • Finalize your application by clicking Submit

For questions and/or additional information contact, please email our team at