Earth and Environmental Sciences

A Major in Earth and Environmental Sciences leading to a B.S. degree consists of a minimum of 64 hours of required and elective coursework. The General Degree consists of 22 hours of required Earth Science (ESCI), Geography (GEOG), and Geology (GEOL) courses, 18 hours of required extra-departmental coursework, and 24 hours of elective courses.

Concentrations in Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Hydrologic Sciences are also available with their own individual degree requirements.

Students should consult the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences for suggested schedules to complete the B.S. degree with a Major in Earth and Environmental Sciences.

If you are interested in Earth and Environmental Sciences, please talk with the Earth and Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Coordinator Valerie Reynolds.

Use the UNC Charlotte online catalog to find additional information about this degree.

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Minor in Earth Sciences