Environmental Studies

In our department, our undergraduate degrees concern natural Earth and Environmental systems and include: Environmental Studies, Earth Sciences Secondary Education, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Geology, and Meteorology.

With a B.A. in Environmental Studies you might go to work in the environmental policy and regulatory arena, work for an environmental activist group like the Sierra Club or practice environmental law. We also offer a separate B.A. in Earth Sciences degree with a minor in Secondary Education that uniquely prepares and licenses you for teaching at the K-12 level in the state of North Carolina. Click here for the Secondary Education check sheet.

Requirements for these degrees include courses in things like field methods, soil science, hydrology, GIS, and environmental sciences.

If you are interested in going on to graduate school in some type of science after your degree, you should complete a B.S.

If you are interested in Environmental Studies, please talk with the Environmental Studies Undergraduate Coordinator Jamie Strickland.

Declare Environmental Studies as your major! Go to the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences office in McEniry 324 and fill out a form. It’s easy and it will automatically hook you up with an advisor from our department who can help you make decisions about your future.