Briar Gonie (2017) Geology

  1. Where are you currently working, and what is your job description there? I am an underground mine geologist for Alexco Resource Corporation near Keno City, Yukon Territory, Canada. I currently work in a high-grade, narrow vein, silver-lead-zinc mine.
  2. What influenced your decision to major in Geology at UNC Charlotte? I was always intrigued by the natural world. Geology was appealing for its potential to offer well-paying, exciting career opportunities.
  3. How did your experience at UNC Charlotte prepare you for your career? I had amazing teachers at UNC Charlotte that prepared me for my career with critical thinking skills and knowledge of various geologic topics. More than anything, UNC Charlotte fostered my interest in geology and provided me with the foundation to excel in my career. 
  4. What skills or knowledge that you learned during your Geology degree at UNC Charlotte do you use most frequently? I use the skills and knowledge that I learned in Mineralogy and Structural Geology to take structural measurements and do structural/lithological mapping of underground ore faces.
  5. What academic and/or professional advice would you give to current students? I would recommend that students take advantage of networking events and field trips. This is how I made the connections necessary to be hired as an intern on a gold exploration project that ultimately led to full-time employment.