gis and technologies

Dr. Gang Chen
• Associate Professor
Remote Sensing, Spatial Ecology, Human-Environment Interaction

Teaching and Research Interests Remote Sensing and GIScience Environmental Modeling GEOgraphic Object-Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) Machine Learning Landscape Ecology Read More

Dr. Eric Delmelle
• Visiting Associate Research Professor
GIScience, Spatial Analysis, Epidemiology, Uncertainty

Teaching and Research Interests GIS Algorithms Spatial Analysis and Modeling Spatial Optimization Geovisualization, Geostatistics Read More

Dr. Youngseob Eum
•Assistant Professor
Urban Analytics, Spatial Epidemiology, Human Mobility, Geospatial Data Science
McEniry 314

Teaching and Research Interests:* GIScience* Urban Analytics* Health and Medical Geography* Spatial Data Science* Human Mobility

Dr. Katherine Idziorek
• Assistant Professor
Community Resilience, Urban Heat Mitigation, Social Infrastructure, Urban Design, Transportation Equity

Katherine Idziorek, AICP, PhD, is a community-engaged researcher who examines the role of social networks and social infrastructure in community-scale resilience and disaster preparedness. Bridging the disciplines of hazard mitigation, urban geography, and urban planning, Katherine’s research explores the role of place-based resources in supporting community resilience and wellbeing.  Dr. Idziorek leads the Charlotte Heat […]

Dr. Isabelle Nilsson
• Associate Professor • Geography Ph.D. Director
Economic Geography, Transportation, Firm Location, Housing

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Dr. Wenwu Tang
• Associate Professor • Executive Director for the Center for Applied GIScience
CyberGIS, Spatial Modeling, Complex Adaptive Spatial Systems, Land Use And Land Cover Change

Teaching and Research Interests GIS & Spatial Analysis and Modeling Agent-based Models and Spatiotemporal Simulation Cyberinfrastructure and High-performance Computing Complex Adaptive Spatial Systems Landscape Ecology Land Use and Land Cover Change Read More

Dr. Jean-Claude Thill
• Knight Distinguished Professor
Transportation and Mobility Systems, Sustainable Urbanization, Trade Cities and Globalization, Geospatial Data Science

Teaching and Research Interests Sustainable Urbanization Transportation and Mobility Systems Geographic Information Science (GIS-T) Spatial Modeling Regional Science International Comparative Urbanization Read More