Jamal Covington (2016) Geography (GIS) and Environmental Studies

Where are you currently working, and what is your job description there?

As an Engineering Technologist for Duke Energy, I design overhead and underground electric utility relocation plans for the City of Charlotte’s Storm Water development and redevelopment projects. 

What influenced your decision to major in Geology at UNC Charlotte?

Early in my undergraduate studies, I was intrigued with the 3-dimensional nature of Geography. Combining Geography with Environmental Studies allows me to understand, analyze, and interpret data sets in ways that empower us to impact the world around us.

How did your experience at UNC Charlotte prepare you for your career? 

Geography/GIS and Environmental Studies classes were most influential in teaching me how to collect and compile data to provide a visual illustration of information.

What academic and/or professional advice would you give to current students?

I would encourage my fellow 49ers to be intentional about their learning process, take advantage of internship opportunities, and chase excellence in all that they do.