Undergraduate Honors


To graduate with Honors in Geography, Geology, Earth Sciences or Meteorology, a student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Satisfy all the requirements for the degree sought and for the major in Geography, Geology, Earth Sciences or Meteorology.
  2. Maintain at least a 3.2 GPA overall, and 3.2 GPA in all geography, geology, earth sciences and meteorology courses taken at UNC Charlotte to satisfy major requirements.
  3. As part of the final 15 hours of course work, the student must (a) register for at least 3 hours of the Honors section of GEOG 4800/GEOL 4800/ESCI 4800/METR 4800, Individual Study in Geography/Geology/Earth Sciences/Meteorology, and (b) complete a research project and an Honors thesis to be submitted to the Department Honors Committee composed of department faculty that will certify that the project merits Honors distinction. The candidate must earn the grade of A on the thesis research (Honors section of 4800) and present the results in a public forum. To be certified as Honors quality, a project must contain original research and demonstrate a high degree of scholarship.


All students planning to graduate with honors must submit to the Honors College an Application to Candidacy Form with a thesis/project proposal by the deadline the semester PRIOR to the semester in which they expect to complete the thesis/project. This process includes review of the proposal by Honors Faculty and sometimes requires revisions. Plan ahead and contact your honors program director in your junior year to facilitate this process; he or she, as well as your thesis advisor and any reader(s), must review the proposal and approve it via signature before submission.  This Application to Candidacy process is required before taking any honors thesis/project courses on campus. For more information, including the form, deadlines, and guidelines, see: https://honorscollege.uncc.edu/living-honors/graduation-process Students who fail to complete this required step will not be able to proceed with the thesis/project, nor graduate with honors.

Faculty members who serve on the Department Honors Committee will not evaluate projects completed under their supervision. Instead, another faculty member will be asked to evaluate the project in question along with the other members of the Department Honors Committee. Should the Department Honors Committee agree to confer Honors on the student's project, it will certify this to the Department Chair and to the University Honors Council. Should the Department Honors Committee decide that the project does not warrant Honors, the student will still receive whatever grade the faculty member supervising the project assigns.