Dr. Craig Allan
• Professor
Surface Water Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, Fluvial Geomorphology
McEniry 205

Teaching and Research Interests Surface Water Hydrology Biogeochemistry Fluvial Geomorphology Environmental Monitoring Read More

Dr. Sandra Clinton
• Research Associate Professor • GES Honors Director
Urban Stream Ecology, River Restoration, Molecular Methods in Freshwater Ecosystems

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Dr. Fushcia-Ann Hoover
• Assistant Professor
Green Infrastructure, Environmental Justice, Urban Planning, Socio-ecological Systems

Dr. Fushcia-Ann Hoover is an interdisciplinary researcher specializing in social-ecological urban systems. She employs a range of approaches and perspectives that include environmental justice, green infrastructure performance and urban planning, evaluating the impacts of green infrastructure planning when framed by race, justice and place-making. She is the founder of EcoGreenQueen LLC, a company dedicated to […]

Dr. Jacob (Jack) Scheff
• Assistant Professor
Climate Change, Water Cycle, Atmospheric Circulation
McEniry 237

Teaching and Research Interests -Global Climate Change -Water Cycle -Drought and Aridity -Atmospheric Circulation Read More

Dr. Drew Syverson
• Research Assistant Professor
Hydrothermal Geochemistry, Ore Genesis, Planetary Habitability, CO2 Capture

Postdoc Position Available Teaching Interests Oceanography, Marine Geochemistry and Geology, Stable and Radiogenic Isotope Geochemistry, Planetary Habitability Education 2009 – 2015, University of Minnesota PhD Geochemistry. Specialty: Oceanic Hydrothermal Systems 2004 – 2009, University of Minnesota BSc Dual Major in Geology and Geophysics Profile I am a Research Assistant Professor within the Department of Geography […]

Dr. David Vinson
• Associate Professor
Hydrogeochemistry, Groundwater Hydrology, Isotope Geochemistry

Teaching and Research Interests Hydrogeology Trace elements Environmental tracers and isotopes Energy Resources Water Quality Read More