Preparing for Graduation

In anticipation of successful completion of all of the requirements of the Program there are a number of administrative hurdles to jump. This section summarizes degree clearance requirements. Graduation term refers to the term at the end of which the degree will be awarded.

Students, please note that some of the steps listed below are your responsibility and others are the responsibility of your advisor. If you are as sharp as we think you are, you will hound your advisor until the step (usually a form to be filed) is completed.

Application for Degree (student responsibility)
Deadline: Refer to Academic Calendar for deadlines.

Continuous Enrollment (student responsibility)
Deadline: Last day to register for graduation term.
Students must be enrolled for their graduation term. Students could take GRAD 7999 – Master’s Graduate Residency Credit (1 credit hour), if they have met the Graduate School requirement for continuous enrollment during their final term prior to graduation when all degree requirements (including dissertation) have been completed. This course is non-graded, and credit for this course does not count toward the degree. Please submit an academic petition if you wish to take GRAD 7999. option.

Defense of Proposal and Capstone Project (student & advisor responsibility)

Deadline: Proposal defense should be completed at least one semester before the capstone project defense. Capstone project defense must be completed by the last day of classes of the graduation term.

Checklist for Capstone Project Defense (student & advisor responsibility)

  • The deadline for oral defense is the last day of classes in the graduation semester.
  • Please also send a copy of the final report (PDF) to Rachel Smith at by the final grades due date.

Before the defense: MA students must request, at least one week prior to the defense, a Defense Announcement Form from the Graduate Support Admin, Rachel Smith at Students must also email Rachel of the date of defense.

After the defense: MA students should work with the advisor and the defense committee to complete the Capstone Report Form (DocuSign) and the SLO (Student Learning Outcome) forms (Google Form). Please reach out to Rachel Smith for the link to both forms. Once your committee is satisfied with the final report, please remind your advisor to grade GEOG 7900. Please also send a copy of the final report (PDF) to Rachel.