Eric Webb (M.S., 2020) Wins Regional Award for Master’s Thesis

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Eric Webb (MS Earth Sciences) is the winner of the 2023 Conference of Southern Graduate Schools (CSGS) Master’s Thesis Award, and he is the first Masters student from UNC Charlotte to ever win! His MS thesis, “Reanalysis of the Extended Multivariate ENSO Index”, was in the Math, Physical Sciences, and Engineering category of the CSGS competition. In Fall 2022, the Graduate School announced that Eric won the 2022 UNC Charlotte Outstanding Master’s Thesis for the Math, Physical Sciences, and Engineering category, competing against Masters students at UNC Charlotte. For that application, he wrote, “The El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is the most important component of coupled intraseasonal-interannual climate variability on the globe, significantly altering the global circulation pattern over period of months to years.” The CSGS award is a regional competition and includes Masters theses from Math, Physical Sciences, and Engineering students attending graduate schools in 15 states in the southern region of the United States, ranging from Texas to Maryland. Eric’s Masters thesis was evaluated against that very deep pool of competition and it rose to the top! Congratulations to Eric!! We are proud of the work he did for his Masters, and you can even read his related work that was published in January 2022. Eric is currently an operational meteorologist in New Mexico, continuing to work on local and seasonal weather forecasting, and always watching our dynamic atmosphere.