greatfallsIn our department, our undergraduate degrees which concern natural Earth systems are: Earth Sciences, Geology and Meteorology.

Geology at UNC Charlotte is for students who are interested in things like rocks & minerals, plate tectonics, how mountains are made, earthquakes and faults, fossils and the history of the Earth.

With a B.S. in Geology you might consult for an engineering firm or do the mining and oil industry work yourself!

If you are interested in going on to graduate school in some type of science after your degree, you should complete a B.S.

Requirements for these degrees include courses in things like sedimentology, structural geology and mineralolgy.

If you are interested in Geology, please talk with the Geology Undergraduate Coordinator Valerie Reynolds.

Declare Geology as your major! Go to the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences office in McEniry 324 and fill out a form. It's easy and it will automatically hook you up with an advisor from our department who can help you make decisions about your future.

Are you an incoming Freshman interested in Geology?  Check out the new Science First Learning Community: Math and Science First Learning Community