Hydrogeology Laboratory

Room: McEniry 219
PI: Dr. David Vinson


The Hydrogeology lab is home to the LGR Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer. The LWIA can be used to measure 18O/16O and D/H in liquid fresh or sea water samples with high accuracy over a wide range of delta values and is equipped with an autoinjector for easily analyzing multiple samples. The lab is also home to an array of field equipment including drive point piezometers, Tidbits water temperature loggers, a Humminbird 580 fishfinder with GPS, and a YSI 556 multiparameter probe for measuring dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity and temperature.

LGR Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer

Current Projects

Patterns and processes of island evolution in a large, regulated river Geologic and geomorphic controls on groundwater contributions to headwater streams, North Carolina Piedmont