Sedimentology Laboratory

Room: McEniry 241 PI:

The Sedimentology Laboratory is equipped with a wide range of analytical equipment including (1) a Beckman Coulter LS 13 320 Laser Particle Size Analyzer capable of measuring particles in the 0.04-1000 micron size range (clay to coarse sand), and (2) a rapid sediment analyzer (comprising a 1.5 meter settling tube and computer-controlled digital balance) capable of analyzing sand size sediments, (3) sieves and Ro-Tap, (4) an ELM 3R Luminoscope cathodoluminescence system used to analyze siliciclastic mineralogy and cement histories in both carbonate and siliciclastic rocks, (5) a Frantz Magnetic Barrier Laboratory Separator Model LB-1 used for separating minerals on the basis of their magnetic properties, (6) a range of coring equipment including hand augers, a backpack vibracoring system, a Livingstone coring system and two Wildco coring systems, and (7) a portable catamaran coring platform suitable for lacustrine studies. The lab also is equipped with binocular and petrographic microscopes, digital balances, drying oven, furnace, sonic bath, Geiger counter and an acid resistant hood. The Sedimentology Lab has access to ICP M.S., XRD, XRF, Sedigraph and ground penetrating radar systems for geochemical, textural and shallow subsurface geophysical projects.

Beckman Coulter LS13 320 Laser Particle Size Analyzer